Towards the roots of conditioning

Workshop duration - 3 days

We all come to this world being free, with a natural ability to be ourselves, experience joy and pleasure, expressing ourselves in this world. But in the process of upbringing and growth we loose this natural right, picking up a huge number of inner conditions and limitations, and we can bear this burden for a lifetime.

All these limitations are reflected in many aspects of our life, but the cause lies with the blocked energy and suppression of those feelings and emotions, which could potentially be «dangerous» for our limited «self», our «protective armor».

If blocks prevent our energy from flowing freely, it affects our emotional and physical well-being; we can’t freely express and experience certain feelings; we get into the same recurrent situations again and again; we loose the ability to face life challenges freely and spontaneously, to wonder, enjoy and feel gratitude for being alive.

In this workshop we will use techniques of Wilhelm Reich, gestalt-therapy and Osho meditations, which help to unblock the body and restore natural energy flow. In addition to working with blocks we will dance and meditate, make bio-energetic exercises; all of this, as well as the atmosphere of mutual trust and support, will create the environment for healing of body and soul - mind comes into peace, and heart becomes more open for love.

  1. To become aware of our defenses, which manifest themselves in muscular tensions in the body ( muscular armor by W.Reich) and stereotypical behavioral reactions, which limit our aliveness and ability to express ourselves.
  2. To relax muscular armor in order to get access to deeper feelings living inside and to allow our energy to flow freely through body and energy system.
  3. To realize the roots of muscular armor forming, which means to work out psychological traumas from the past and limiting beliefs from parental family, that will give us a bigger psychological distance between the need to be protected, obtained in the past, and the present time, when these protections are no longer relevant.
  4. To change focus of energy and attention from protective mechanisms to the nourishing state of self-acceptance.