Extensive studying of Sen lines

Professional level — 4 days

тайский массаж обучение профессиональный уровень

Workshop programme:

  1. Studying 10 main Sen lines and their value for health;
  2. Methods of influence on energy lines and ways to balance energy in body;
  3. Methods of diagnosis of energy lines’ state in body;
  4. Functional link between each of the 10 lines with physical, emotional and energetic spheres of human health;
  5. Use of meditations for centering and integration of body experience.

In this workshop we thoroughly study Sen energy lines, which go through human body. Knowledge about them has been the foundation of traditional Thai massage since ancient times.

All Eastern healing practices are based on the idea that all life forms result from invisible energy flowing through them. And this essential life energy is known as Prana or Chi or Ki. Prana is a kind of vital force, which penetrates all existence. It is in the base of all things, animate or not. It is in soil, plants, insects, animals and people, of course.

This life energy circulates inside the body along special energy channels and forms a kind of energy network, which is a foundation of healthy functioning of human body. This system of energy lines is the base of Thai Yoga massage. Indian tradition numbers 72 000 energy lines, going through human body. In Thai massage we mostly focus on 10 of these Sen lines.

King Rama III in 1832 ordered to make stone plates, depicting all the Sen lines as well as points of energy concentration on them. Nowadays these plates are kept in Wat Po Temple in Bangkok. All the knowledge about Sen lines is based in these drawings. Maps of the lines which are studied on this seminar, were completely formed by teacher Asokananda, based on his tremendous healing experience and scientific research. In particular, he was working for a long time with such well-known masters as Kam Thye Chow, Chiayuth and Teacher Ajan Pichest to create these maps.

At the same time, there is no map which could with anatomic accuracy show where these energy lines are located. For the knowledge about these lines is based not on Western empirical understanding, but on something you can feel if you have clear intuition and subtle sensitivity. And still these lines go through physical body and can be found by contacting with it. Sometimes it’s very interesting to discover, that an energy line breaks, or has a very weak energy flow and through dialog with the client or listening to your intuition suddenly find a reason of that in physical, emotional or mental sphere. To develop such an ability of diagnostics, practice of meditation and a deep knowledge of yourself and your energy system is needed.

To participate in this workshop you should complete basic level in Thai massage or have experience in some other body-work system ( massage, yoga, etc.). On completion of this level each participant receives a named certificate and illustrated practical guide.