Thai massage
Private sessions

For a course of Energetic Thai massage usually 3 to 10 sessions are enough. One session lasts about 1,5 - 2 hours, but sometimes it can be even 2,5 hours.

Client and massage therapist settle down on the floor, using a special mat for it, and a couple of pillows. Client remains dressed during massage, but feet can be bare. It would be good if his clothes is comfortable and made of thin natural material.

If massage is made in a room, a relaxed atmosphere gets created; comfortable temperature, muted light, sometimes incense and soft music can be used. In general, appropriate conditions depend on the goal of a particular session, for example, quiet music and soft light facilitate deeper relaxation and rest.

While silence allows to listen to your breathe and breathe of the therapist, which will help to focus and work deeper and more consciously with your tensions and blocks.