Unmasking the face: work with upper segments

Workshop duration - 3 days

In this workshop we will use technics based on deep Reichian breathing, bio-energetic exercises by A. Lowen and Osho meditations, designed to release tensions in the upper part of our body, especially in the face.

Tensions and blocked energy in the area of eye, mouth and throat segments of muscular armor form a kind of mask on our face, preventing our feelings from being expressed freely and spontaneously, and not allowing us to see the reality as it is.

All our feelings can be expressed through eyes, and they can be blocked there as well. When a child is surrounded with loving atmosphere, created by caring parents, he visually and energetically absorbs all these impressions with open and trustful eyes.

But when a child is put between shouting and fighting parents, he unconsciously begins to block this violent energy, not allowing it to penetrate inside, especially through the eyes, for none of children wants to see things like that around. Suppressed emotions are kept in tense muscles around eyes. When feelings wake up and start to get released, flowing from the eyes, their awakening introduces a new clarity into vision. A clear vision includes not only our physical eyes, but the eyes of intuition and understanding as well.

Physical eyes may see very clearly, while on a more subtle energetic or intuitive level there can be almost total blindness. We just need to recover this valuable quality of direct «seeing» of what is right and good for us.

Huge amounts of energy go out through our mouth and throat as well. Here we express sounds and words, accept or reject food, breathe. When we were babies, we sucked mother’s breast with our mouth, feeling deep pleasure for the first time. In Reich’s opinion, if a new-born baby isn’t given mother’s breast, it creates a tension in the area of mouth and throat, which prevents from receiving sensual enjoyment and pleasure afterwards. Besides, deeper feelings and emotions, rising from the heart or belly (anger, fear, pain) move through this segment to be expressed. And they as well may be blocked here.

So a variety of emotionally meaningful issues are kept in mouth and throat area, and they start to be revealed in the process of freeing from muscular armor. In this process you will probably loose all the artificial smiles and superficial charm (or other masks) you were developing for years. But having gone through the process of liberation from muscular armor, one can discover a much more sincere smile, connected with genuine and authentic sources of love, laughter and joy.