Energetic Thai Yoga Massage

Energetic Thai Yoga Massage is a complex system of work with a human body. At the core of this work is a deep tuning with energy system of a client, which is based more on «feeling» then on following a certain structure.

During session I may use different kinds of pressure, stretching, work with breathing and guided visualization. Each session is a creative and healing interaction between two people, one of them giving, and another one receiving.

This system was formed in me as I gathered more and more experience in working with people through different methods of body-oriented practice, studying in several schools of Traditional Thai massage in the northern Thailand, Osho Pulsation and meditation.

About traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient system of complex work with human organism, harmonious, simple as everything genius and at the same time very effective.

Massage includes impacting on energy system of the body и putting pressure in the areas of energy channels ( thai word - sen) and biology-active points (BAP), that promotes harmonization and alinement of life energy streams in the body.

Also during the session muscles and fascias are being worked out actively, it helps to improve blood supply, remove tensions, pain and tiredness. And finally I actively use deep stretching and soft twisting of the whole body, due to which Thai massage is often called Yoga massage. This kind of work provides general health-promoting, revitalizing and rejuvenating effect.

From my personal experience

For the first time I saw Traditional Thai massage ( another name for it is Thai Yoga massage) in 2003 in a body-work festival in Moscow.

I was impressed by the beauty of massage therapist’s movements ( it was a woman) and those incredible poses, in which she easily and smoothly arranged her client’s body. I want to learn! - I said to myself. After a couple of months I completed a basic level in «Robert’s School» with Robert Ilinskas. I immediately began to test my fresh skills on my friends and acquaintances. I should say that I already had some experience in body-work and was feeling quite confident in giving massage. People were giving me feedback, recommended me to their friends..

Soon I continued my education with Robert, and after some time I went to the birthplace of this art - to Thailand. A skill upgrading course, which I took in Loi Kroh school in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand opened for me a new vision and prospectives of using Traditional Thai massage.

Several years have passed, but I am still impressed by the depth of this art’s influence on human body and energy system. And what I especially like about Thai massage is that it considers integrity of a human being, working simultaneously with tense muscles, ligaments, tendons and with energy channels in the body, harmonizing energy flow.

Massage is never done locally ( only back, only shoulders, etc), bearing in mind that if there is an excess of energy somewhere in a body, there will be a shortage of it in some other place, and vice versa. Therefore, in the process of session not only we work out the problematic zone, but we align energetic system of the whole organism as well. As a result, a client usually not only gets relief on physical level, but also acquires a sense of elation, feeling of integrity and harmony.

Thai Yoga massage is good for nearly all people regardless of age and sex. The technique of this method is so flexible that it can be easily adjusted and allows to create an individual approach to every client, according particular goals and tasks. Massage can be used as an essential complement to traditional medicine and be applied in comprehensive revitalization.

Results of Thai massage:

  1. Improvement of blood supply of inner organs, stimulation of their correct work;
  2. Beneficial influence on mobile connections ( joints, ligaments);
  3. Improved flexibility of all spine segments, reduction of distortions;
  4. Enhancement of blood circulation, flexibility and general muscle tone;
  5. Curing of headache and muscle aches, caused by spasms;
  6. Stimulation of capillary circulation;
  7. Stimulation of lymphatic system and as a result of it, clarification of organism from toxins;
  8. Strengthening of immune system;
  9. Beneficial impact on nervous system: after a session body relaxes as after a deep sleep or meditation, there comes a feeling of unusual lightness in the whole body;
  10. Aesthetic effect - rejuvenation, loss of weight, significant reduction of the swelling;
  11. Removal of exhaustion after physical workload ( fatigue, sprain).

Contraindications for Thai massage:

Such illnesses like
hypertension, varicose vein, skin disorders, osteoporosis, post-operative period, oncology are not absolute contraindications,
but they demand special attention and care from practitioner.

From my point of view, it is inappropriate to talk about absolute contraindications of massage, for there is no situation, in which loving and careful touch is harmful. Nevertheless, I would never give a session to a person, who
- is under influence of alcohol or drugs,
- has high fever with no obvious reason,
- has open wounds or fractures,
- has infectious disease.

In particular I would like to note, that Thai massage can give a great support and relief for women during pregnancy period ( of course, complying with specific approach, appropriate for this state).