Touching the body, healing the soul

Thai massage for yourself, relatives and friends

Workshop programme:

  1. Bio-energetic exercises, which allow to increase sensitivity of your body and energy;
  2. Meditations for centering and controlling energy;
  3. Simple and powerful techniques of Thai massage, which help to free blocked energy and release tense muscles;
  4. Meditation and tantric techniques, regulating flow of energy outwards and inwards, ability to receive and give.

We are part of this world, and the ability to be included into the energy exchange with what surrounds us is the foundation of a healthy human being. How much we are able to share with others our feelings, thoughts and energy, how ready we are to accept others, even if they have a different attitude and perception of the world - all this reflects our inner relationship with ourselves.

In this group we will start to explore and «train» one of the most important qualities – our ability to Give and Receive. The group structure is based on the bodywork in pairs. So, everyone will have a chance to be a Receiver and a Giver. Also we will do some energy work and meditations. All of these things will help the body to relax and release energy from tense muscles and blocks; to learn to feel the energy flowing in our body and partner's body; and also to express this energy through dance and celebration.

This work really helps us to turn our body into a friend. A friend that can always tell us what is right and what is wrong for us at this moment. And, of cause, here you will get very simple and effective tools that will allow you to help your friends and beloveds not only to release tension from their bodies, but also to establish a deeper energetic connection between you.

The work in this group allows us to release tensions from our body softly and carefully, to enjoy the energy flow that opens up, when we practice our ability to Give and Receive, and it also helps us to feel deep trust in ourselves, that fills us with joy and relaxation.