Neo-Reichian Pulsation


Who will benefit from this training?

For those currently working as therapists or working with the body, they will gain the confidence and skills to work with the emotions and emotional release of their clients; For those who would like to become a therapist, this training will provide an excellent base for developing therapeutic skills; People who are interested in deep exploration of themselves in the safe environment of a group will find that this year and a half process will be varied, deep and satisfying.


«The first thing is to learn respect for the body, to unlearn all the nonsense that has been taught to you about the body. Otherwise you will never turn on, and you will never turn in, and you will never turn beyond. Start from the beginning.

The body is your beginning. The body has to be purified of many repressions. A great catharsis is needed for the body, a great RECHANA. The body has become poisoned because you have been against it; you have repressed it in many ways. Your body is existing at the minimum, that's why you are miserable. Tantra says: Bliss is possible only when you exist at the optimum -- never before it. Bliss is possible only when you live intensely. How can you live intensely if you are against the body?

You are always lukewarm. The fire has cooled down. Down the centuries, the fire has been destroyed. The fire has to be rekindled».

Osho. Tantra Vision. Ch. 7


One of the most significant contributions to Western psychotherapy was made by Wilhelm Reich. Reich was the first psychoanalyst to incorporate body relaxation and emotional release into his work with people. Almost all modern therapies that include breathing, catharsis and emotional regression (i.e. Primal Therapy) are based on Reich's therapeutic techniques. Undoubtedly, Osho's active meditations, especially Dynamic Meditation, are very Reichian in nature.

Wilhelm Reich


How Does it Work?

Pulsation has its roots in the breathing and body work of Wilhelm Reich, and is guided by some of the maps he discovered about the flow of life force energy in the body. Reich's idea was that many psychological problems originated from a disturbance of the natural energetic functional process of charge and discharge that rules the spontaneous emotional release. Every time we block any expressive impulse--for example when we contain our anger, swallow our fear, or tears, or we hide our sexuality--we put into action a powerful blocking system in the body that Reich has called muscular armor.

The largely unconscious effort of blocking feelings and holding energies inside creates tension in the body’s musculature, which in turn prevents a natural expressive flow of energy and feeling. This tension can make us feel emotionally disconnected, psychologically fragmented and energetically divided against ourselves. Using deep breathing and many different techniques to move the body,

we loosen the muscular armor, and with that loosening, the inner pressure of unexpressed energies can be released. The relaxation that follows spontaneous emotional release allows us to re-connect with inner wholeness, authenticity of expression, and the silence of Being.

Meditation throughout the Training will support our ability to observe and be aware of feelings and emotions without judging them, and gradually de-identify with the emotional dramas that keep us reliving the past. This acceptance brings joyful relaxation and enjoyment of this new vitality, which is our birthright.

Description of the training

The full training consists of 4 parts (9 days each) and two Supervision groups:

Basic training

Part 1
September 22 - October 1, 2023 (Estonia)
May 6-14, 2023 (Russia)

Part 2
March 23 - 31, 2024 (Estonia)
October 14-22, 2023 (Russia)

Advanced training

Part 3
September 20 - 29, 2024 (Estonia)
May 1 - 9, 2024 (Russia)

Part 4
March 20 - 29, 2025 (Estonia)
October 19 - 27, 2024 (Russia)

Supervision Group

September 2025 (Estonia)

April 24 - 28, 2024 (seven days) (Russia)


Basic training (Part 1).

Foundation Training, self experience and theory

These nine days will give everyone a deep personal experience of the basic Pulsation techniques, which include:

  • Grounding and Bioenergetic exercises for opening the body and feelings;
  • Neo-Reichian deep breathing to increase the flow of energy in the body;
  • The study of feelings and emotions, blocked and held, according to W. Reich, in 7 segments of the muscular armor of the body (eye; oral; throat; chest; diaphragmatic; abdominal; pelvic);
  • Healing emotional wounds of the past;
  • Awareness and sensitivity of the body;
  • Individual sessions in a group with each participant of the training.

Basic training (Part 2).

Reich's theory and individual sessions

In this second part of the training, the following theses of Reich's theory are taught:

  • What is Life Energy and how to work with it on Pulsation;
  • Pulsation of breathing as an energetic bridge between the body, mind and emotions;
  • The Process of Charge
  • Discharge, which make up the dynamics of emotional release;
  • Muscular armor and its segmental structure;
  • Pulsation and Counterpulsation are the key to expression and suppression in the body;
  • Feeling’s pairs and emotional types Anger/Love, Fear/ Trust, Pain/Pleasure;
  • Individual sessions in the group with each participant of the training.

Advanced training (Part 3).

The process of release the muscular armor in individual sessions

In this part, the process of releasing the armor takes place while the participants are taking and receiving individual sessions. Basic emotional anatomy will be given to teach how to work with the muscular armor. To learn this, participants do practical work with each other, as well as in small groups, participating in feedback sessions among themselves.

Advanced training (Part 4).

Session giving skills and the basics of the therapist's position

Participants continue to learn the techniques of releasing the muscular armor in the mode of individual sessions. We are putting special attention on working with the lower segments. Along with this, we will focus on the internal processes of the therapist himself, and not just on the Pulsation techniques as a method of working with clients. When the therapist works on the basis of love, silence, respect and truth, then the Neo-Reichian approach that we teach in training can be the catalyst for real transformation for both the client and the therapist.

Some of the topics that will be covered are the "helper" position, abuse of power, using the client to meet emotional needs (countertransference), understanding and respecting the boundaries of the therapist-client agreement, responsibility and trust, rapport, intuition, and working with sexual energy.

In addition, we will spend time studying types of body and character and how this helps in Pulsation work.

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