Neo-Reichian Pulsation

Neo-Reichian Pulsation — a method of self-exploration and personal growth, which works through the body and its energy system, helping to revive our natural aliveness and expressivity.


Pulsation and body-oriented psychotherapy

Neo-Reichian Pulsation is a method of body-oriented psychotherapy, which in it’s turn is one of the main streams in modern psychotherapy and practical psychology. There are several dozens of schools and methods in the world now, which can be united under this name.

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When we come into this world, our energy is flowing freely through the body, we have no idea of who we should be, what expectations to conform, what we should to reach in our life. The child simply spontaneous and with integrity living every moment. He is just responding to his impulses, emotions, feelings, following his own energy. However, we grow surrounded by adults who have their expectations and their vision of who the child should be, how manifest himself, what to achieve. And we are totally dependent on these people.

So we learn to adjust to their expectations, somewhere blocking our energy, somewhere forcing ourself to do something that does not match to our nature, our individuality. We learn that certain feelings and emotions are allowed and "approves", and the others - the "bad" and "wrong" and should be put down. Gradually, the free flow of energy in our body, in our bioenergetic system shackled in the armor and get limitation. Our behavior, emotional responses, and even way of thinking become conditioned by expectations of parents, teachers, priests. We learn to fit and forget what it means to "be yourself".

This armor, which holds our energy, is manifested in chronic muscular tension, as well as certain behavioral patterns. Wilhelm Reich called it "muscular armor" or " characterological armor."

In Pulsation work we use deep breathing techniques, bioenergetic exercises, as well as the work of the therapist's hands directly with tense muscles to relax the muscular armor and let the all suppressed energy be released. Often during this kind of work, the person touches the deeply repressed feelings and emotions, which are holding back by armor perhaps for years.

On Pulsation group or individual session, a person get a possibility to discharge all these feelings, express strong negative emotions such as anger, pain, fear that brings an incredible feeling of relief and creating some space inside that fills relaxation, peace, trust, joy...

Pulsation brings the joy of acceptance one's own body, own feelings and freedom to live one’s own life, rather than focus on the expectations of others. After this work, one’s can feel how the mind has become much calmer, as the heart more open and ready to give and receive love, and the body is more relaxed and alive.

Osho Pulsation as a method was formed under the influence of two main sources. The first - a revolutionary work of Austrian-American psychotherapist, psychiatrist and scientist Wilhelm Reich. Which, starting as a follower of Sigmund Freud, eventually broke with him and became a pioneer of body-oriented psychotherapy. His work in the West has led to appearance of number outstanding researchers and therapists such as D. Boadella, A. Lowen, Charles Kelley, who continued to work in this direction.

The second source - this approach of Osho - the greatest mystic and enlightened master from India. One of the goals of his mission was creation of a synthesis of the teachings of East and West, meditation and psychotherapy. Because the only holistic approach can be most effective for contemporary man, facilitating to personal growth and the total realization of human potential.

Therefore, Osho Pulsation is not just a method of body-oriented psychotherapy, it is a bridge to meditation.

Aneesha Dillon (the founder of Pulsation work) about body, emotions and repressions.

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