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Valery Guk (Prem Svaraj)

Prem Svaraj (Valery Guk) (Moscow, Russia) – psychologist, Osho-therapist, using in his work Osho Pulsation (Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork), Primal Therapy, Transessence technique, Essence Work and Energetic Thai Yoga massage.

From 2004 untill now — Leader of groups of personal growth and therapy in many places in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, India, Taiwan and China.

From 2005 untill now — Trainer and teacher of Energetic Thai Yoga massage.

From 2008 untill now — Co-Leader and assistant of «Osho Pulsation: Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork» trainings by Aneesha Dillon

2002-2006 — part-time lecturer, a developer and leader of discipline "Body-oriented Psychotherapy" in the Faculty of Psychology, Moscow Open Social University.


  • Training «Transessense technique» - 2014-2015. ( Tarika Glubin. St.-Petersburg, Russia).
  • Training «Thai massage – Sen lines; theory and therapy» - 2012, 2013. (Felicity Joy. Thailand, Chiang Mai, "Sun Shine school")
  • Training « Osho Pulsation: Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork » — 2009г. (Aneesha L. Dillon. Greece, Lesvos, "Afroz — center")
  • Training « Traditional Thai massage » — 2009 г. (Tassanee Boonsom. Thailand, Chiang Mai, "LoiKroh school")
  • Training « Osho Pulsation: Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork » — 2007г. (Prabodhi Greta Mildenberg, Svagito Liebermeister. India, Pune, OSHO Multiversity)
  • Training « Thai Yoga massage» — 2004 г. (Robert Ilinskas. Moscow, Russia)
  • Training «Tanatotherapy» - 2003г. (Vladimir. Baskakov, Moscow, Russia)
  • Graduate degree in psychology– 2002 г. (Penza University, Russia)