Trust body wisdom

Advanced level — 4 days

тайский массаж обучение продвинутый уровень

Workshop programme:

  1. Learning advanced range of techniques for working with body in positions on the back, on the side, on the belly, sitting.
  2. Use of bio-energetic exercises for body energy activation.
  3. Use of meditations for centering and integration of body experience.

In this workshop not only we will learn new techniques of Thai massage, but we will also work with bio-energy (bio-energetic exercises by A. Lowen) in order to get in contact with our own body and energy.

There will be work in couples with a partner, where we will use a wider range of techniques for effecting main zones of tension: legs, thighs, pelvic area; shoulder zone, arms; neck.

We will focus on feeling your partner as well as yourself, remaining relaxed at the same time.

We will also use Osho meditations and exercises, which will help us to remain «undoing», and allow energy to move through your body, including body of your partner into this process…

We will pay special attention to feeling of your own body and creating your own massage style, individual sequence of movements and techniques. The goal of it is work in a flow, when we learn to feel each moment what would be the most appropriate for this very client, at this time, considering your personal individual specialities. We will seek to such a healing interaction, where a feeling is more important that a technique.

During these four days you will learn to:

  • diagnose main tensions in client’s body;
  • choose the style of work according to constitution (Ayurvedic Doshas) of your client’s body;
  • adapt technical methods for your specificities and abilities, and your client’s body and state;
  • remain relaxed and feel yourself comfortable with any techniques of Thai massage;
  • relieve tension and pain in such areas as lower back, neck, back, pelvis and legs;
  • create and support emphatic contact with your client;
  • make a beneficial impact on your client’s energy system during massage session.

To participate in this workshop you need to complete Basic level in Thai massage or have experience in some other system of body-work (massage, yoga, etc). On completion each participant receives a named certificate.