Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork

Workshop duration - 5 days

This is a powerful process of unblocking suppressed feelings and emotions. During these 5 days we will consistently, layer after layer, work with muscular armor, helping tense muscles to relax, release the energy blocked in it, we will meet displaced and suppressed feelings and remembering and open trust in wisdom of our body anew.


This is a very rich, intense and inspiring process which consists of active Osho meditations, bio-energetic exercises by A. Lowen, Reichian techniques of emotional release, based on deep breathing. We will also use working with body and massage, techniques of gestalt-therapy and work with «inner child», dance and meditate; sink deep into subconsciousness, liberating feelings and emotions locked in there, allowing to clean our energy system through expression and catharsis.

We will welcome our inner strength, which is always available and waits for us in our life center, and all we need is to find ways to «make friends» with it. We will get in touch with our sensitvity, vulnerability, allowing ourselves to open our hearts again, so that they could love and share love around.

We will find a contact with our «inner child», becoming his friend and guardian, healing the wounds of abandonment, rejection and non-acceptance of him as he is…

All of this has a really huge healing and transforming potential, especially in the safe and accepting atmosphere of the group, which each of us creates here.

During these five days we will specifically work with all segments of muscular armor, release energy kept there and relaxing chronic tensions in the areas of eyes, mouth and throat, heart and diaphragm, belly and pelvis.

Here people get space to express negative feelings, they have been keeping for a lifetime; the charge of painful emotions is released and dissolves as a clear energy. What remains after is a deep relaxation, peaceful mind and a heart, more open for love. The feelings once rejected because of shame and guilt in the childhood, looked upon as not belonging to us, are now accepted and recognized. That what was out of balance obtains inner equilibrium, and what was split becomes harmonious and whole again.