Art of healing touch

Basic level — 3 days

Тайский массаж обучение базовый курс

Workshop programme:

  1. Basic positions and movements of massage therapist;
  2. Basic movements and types of work in Thai massage;
  3. Basic types of work with legs with a client in a position lying on the back;
  4. Work with belly, chest, arms, head, face;
  5. Work with a client in a position lying on belly: legs, pelvis, lower back, arms, neck, head.
  6. Use of bio-energetic exercises to activate energy in a body;
  7. Use of meditations to center and integrate body experience.

For this course I selected simple but effective methods, which anyone can learn, and after the course you will be able to make a 1,5-hours long therapeutical massage. In addition we will pay special attention to correct positions and movements of your own body, so that you could remain relaxed during work and not get tired after session, often feeling even more energized.

It’s important that during the workshop not only will we learn basic positions and methods of Thai massage, but we will also explore and train one of the most essential qualities - ability to Receive and Give.

We will work with energy body as well, meditate. It will help us to let go and release energy from tense muscles, remove blocks. We will learn to feel how this energy moves inside you body and the body of your partner, as well as to express this energy.

After the course each participant gets a named certificate and illustrated practical guide. You can also purchase video of demonstration of all the methods from this workshop.