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«With all my heart I thank Valery for amazing magic, which happened with me last weekend in Thai massage workshop. It was not just teaching on principle: «do this and you will get a result» ( although, of course, a lot of time was given to massage technique). We were studying something more: love and humanness. As I wrote to one friend of mine: «I can hardly say for now, was it a massage teaching with elements of group therapy, or a group therapy with elements of Thai massage». Thanks for small wise talks during breaks: I continue to take hold in my new values, and Valery’s wise words supported me a lot.»



«Thai Yoga massage Basic level workshop was just magical!!! It exceeded my expectations several times over)) I don’t know about other participants, but for me it was more a therapeutic course that studying. Exercises, music, different techniques… All of it helped me to return to myself, feel my body, become more whole and begin to feel «here and now». Oooo.. it’s an amazing experience. Valery, I thank you for these unforgettable three days, for all techniques, for teaching, answering questions and just for communication!!! Anastasia, thank you for organization of this workshop!!! Girls, thank you for being my partners, communication, your warm hands and light hearts))»



«I would like to share my impressions of Thai massage session I got today from Valery Guk. Sensations are amazing! For the first two hours I couldn’t even find words to describe what I was feeling, my body was just singing, there was so much depth and lightness in it.

I was tempted by richness of professional methods and quality of touch. Being a bodyworker, I must admit, I am very choosy when I look for a specialist for myself, but Svaraj is admirable indeed!

And more… Along with the art of thoughtful movements his work was full… literally with substance of love. Love to the body of trusting client (me), love to the art of Thai massage. I really felt it!

Valera’s mastery in working with emotions gave this session a special depth. My body felt it without particular explanations and worldly invitations. It just felt - you are allowed - and a wave of tears was born from a deep touch. We worked with chest muscles, a lot of sadness, pain is kept there. And it was so appropriate and relieving to get rid of them, express them!

I noticed interesting features in my body. While on the periphery - in arms, legs - there is already quite enough relaxation and letting go, at the same time in the center of my body - in the back, shoulders - there is still a lot of uncontrolled tension, connected with mental «rigidity».

I received a session from Valera two years ago. His skill is improving and I sincerely welcome you to see for yourself!»



«I received a massage session from Valera. Impressions and results are terrific. I got even more than I had expected. My blocked for years and tense muscles relaxed in the first session, all pain points were worked through, on the first try Valery worked out all the pain points under clavicle, what had been usually possible for massage therapists in the 9th or 10th session. I am feeling lightness in my whole body after the massage. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and recommend Thai massage to everybody.»



«I took two individual sessions with Svaraj!
I can’t express my impressions with words!
This guy has a powerful and creative energy! I came with pain in my back, it was hard to move and we worked with energetic activation of points. The vibrations that moved through my body looked like ones from the most powerful meditations. Kundalini energy! It was terrific!

A similar sensation from this kind of massage I got only in Thailand in one of the monasteries, which I visited with my husband some years ago! I wish you love and happiness!
Big thanks! Namaste!»



«Hello, everybody! For me individual session with Svaraj was soft, balancing and relaxing!! Exactly what I needed! Right on my request! My mother and friend took individual sessions as well!

They both liked it a lot, sensations were indescribable - they pointed out very soft but confident and supportive Svaraj’s touch, in such hands you would want to trust and relax for 1,5 hours with no control from your mind. They want continuation and now I have two Clients)) I really hope to learn and be of use with my hands like master!

Great Thank you for teaching, practice, methods and just for kindness, peace and light.»



«I completed this wonderful workshop! A lot of interesting and useful information and practice! High level of the group-leader Valery Guk! A wonderful organization of the event! Thanks to everybody!»

«Thanks for the wonderful workshop, for a possibility to share and receive!!!
Valera always brings something new, and every workshop is unique!!))
Thanks to everybody for a beautiful, meditative group.»