Техника Трансэссенс


The name of this method - Transessence - comes from English «transit to essence» - moving toward essence, a way to essence. This method allows us to come into «Here and Now», to connect with our center ( Essence) and from this state to see ourselves, our life or some particular situation with brand new eyes. This seeing opens absolutely new possibilities to live in accordance with your truth, as opposed to life based on old habits, limiting beliefs and ideas.

In which situations can Transessence be helpful?

Any difficult situation we face in life, which creates stress, helplessness, doubt, self-doubt, as well as anger, irritation, fear or depression reflects our inner conflict, a split in us. Deep inside a person passionately longs for something - success, financial prosperity, loving relationships, mutual respect and trust, and at the same time he hold himself back from making steps toward his desires. He is afraid to start his own business, step into something new, take a risk; or he may doubt that he deserves a better payment for his work; afraid to open himself to his partner, to be sincere about his feelings and needs…

Sometime it is even difficult for us to understand why the things we long for so much don’t happen, despite all our efforts, or happen not as we need, but «as always». Why sometimes there is a feeling that we are going in circles, again and again getting into the same situations with a partner, job, people we love…

How Transessence works

The Transessence method allows to see the main inner conflict, that provokes and creates a dissatisfying situation. The very nature of our mind is based upon duality - there is black and white, bad and good, right and wrong. This is the way our mind functions, there is a conflict in it’s very nature. And our mind constructions ( beliefs, opinions, subpersonalities) are being formed throughout life and bear this conflict inside. For example, romantic ideas we internalized from books and movies, form our expectations about what our love life should be like. And at the same time our child deeply rooted experience tells us: «There can be no harmony in a family, there is only violence there ( physical or psychological)», or «You can’t trust your partner, he will cheat and leave you, no matter what he is saying». Or we may expect from ourselves to succeed in life and earn a lot of money in order to prove ourselves ( or «them»), that we deserve respect, we can’t be ignored. Because in our childhood we maybe often heard: « Put it back into place, you’ll break it. You don’t know how to do anything. Can’t you do anything right?»

Thus, even without awareness of it, we are already bearing a conflict deep within. And this contradictory situation inside creates the same situation in our life.

During Transessence session one begins to see very clearly all these contradictory and conflicting parts of himself, his personality, there comes an understanding of how a personality functions, how all these conflicting parts support each other in this «drama» of life. Just this vision and understanding may create a very clear intention - « I don’t want this anymore, I don’t want to support this game any longer!» And the most important thing, at that moment one finds himself out of this game, outside of «personality», a dis-identification takes place: « I am not these parts». Perhaps for the first time in his life a person finds himself outside of all this «drama», which he is used to consider to be himself, his life. This is the experience of the present moment, the «here-and-now» state. Often it’s such an inspiring and nourishing experience that all beliefs about oneself and one’s difficulties just turn upside down. The problem is solved in an instant! Or should I say, it doesn’t get solved, it just dissolves. There is nothing to solve there, as the problem is a part of the «drama» which does not belong to me anymore.

About the author

Author of this method is Tarika Glubin - American psychotherapist, I learned from her. There is an interview with Tarika about Transessence Method and it’s history, you can read it here. And I would like to finish with a feedback from Navino, who very colourfully describes her experience with this method.

Personal experience

“One day in the middle of a therapy session in Poona, I found myself in pain about something (not a new experience for me, to make an under-statement!). Tarika, the therapist, said, “It’s about time you see that you don’t need to continue going through your entire life carrying this wound.”

I don’t remember what my actual response was. What comes to me now is this feeling I had of dumbfounded disbelief and defensiveness, like, “Huh?!! Whaddya mean?! What wound?! I’m not carrying around any wound. This is me!! I’m just feeling my pain. Isn’t this why I’ve been coming to see you for sessions – so I could go through my pain, really feel it and transcend it (well, maybe eventually transcend it after 10 more years of intensive therapy, more groups, and deep meditation marathons)?”

I was so deeply identified with this “woundness” that Tarika’s words pierced me like an arrow. I trust this woman immensely, so I could at least begin to let in what she was saying. Truthfully, though, in that moment, I was so identified with “my wound,” “my pain,” that I was unable to totally comprehend the profoundness of what she was saying. And I had no idea how powerful an effect it would have on my life when it became my own understanding.

I’ve been quite a therapy junkie in this lifetime, participating in a lot of groups and individual sessions – many of these invaluable, deeply healing experiences. Still, I have always carried this feeling of woundedness, of being a victim. Both my parents died before I was old enough to know them, and I was raised by siblings who themselves were essentially children. Love became associated with abuse, pain, and abandonment. I learnt never to expect love, never to expect others to want to be there for me. When anyone did offer this energy I did not really trust it: I was certain that pain and/or abandonment were waiting just around the corner. Eventually I was able to see that I too had been abusive with people I professed to love, pushing them away and making my greatest fear into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I had never learned love.

I’ve spent probably thousands of dollars paying therapists to help me to “transform” myself (or so I thought). I can see now that on a deeper level I was paying them to give me the love and acceptance I never got as a child, something which I didn’t yet know how to give myself. I’m not devaluing these therapy experiences in any way. They were tremendously important in bringing me to the point where this letting go is now possible. And yet it is so valuable now to understand what else (besides my “seeker”) was underneath the surface of my passion for therapy. You see, I always felt that something was wrong with me the way I was and so looked toward therapists to fill this hole of deep lack. I always felt I had to do something to improve myself because who I was was flawed.

All this started to change in that session with Tarika. A few months later I decided to do the Anti-Fischer-Hoffman process (AFH), a very intensive three-week group co-led by Rani, Sudha, and Tarika of the Osho institute for Love and Consciousness. This group was a surgery. It allowed me to take a deep look into the blind spots created by my conditioning. It threw me back onto myself and made clear how awareness is truly a choice I am free to make in each moment.

Shortly after AFH, I did the Transessence process in a group with Tarika, and through this I was able to expand tremendously my budding understanding of how this woundedness, this idea of life as a painful, loveless struggle is learned, is a conditioning. I have spoken these words many times before, but they have never come from this place of strength, of deep rootedness I feel in myself as the words flow out of me in this moment. Previously, I was “understanding” more with my head. Right now it is coming from my guts.

I’d like to share a little about how this process works. What I appreciate most about Transessence is that once you have some experience in doing it, it can be done either alone or with a partner who facilitates. First you get in touch with the difference voices inside, with the parts of your personality that are ruling you around a particular issue. It is like when you feel unworthy but believe you are unworthy. This is identification. Then comes an inner struggle to become different, better. You don’t want it to be as it is. The Transessence process helps to view these patterns, emotions, and beliefs from a distance, reconnecting you to a place of silence, of wholeness, a place where no change is needed.

I am struck by the utter simplicity of this process of disidentifying, which for me is always ongoing. It’s something I can move into with my awareness, and slip out of with unawareness. (I do my best not to judge the many moments of unawareness). My experience is that the less I am identified with this “woundedness,” the more life energy is available for expansion, for lovingness, for creativity, or living authentically and joyously. I am repeatedly awed by many moments of clarity I experience when I “get it”. In these moments, it’s so simple, and often there’s just a hearty laughter.

This group and, in fact, all my work with Tarika has had such a deep impact on my life that I don’t want anyone to miss this opportunity. This is a very simple yet powerful technique, which can be used any time we are feeling strongly identified or charged about any life issue. It is creative, playful, often humorous, and always magical in the way it helps people to see clearly through to core beliefs and conditionings and then to step back, to experience that we are not the mind”.

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