Thai massage

Energetic Thai Yoga massage training includes three levels: basic, advanced and professional. You can learn in a group workshop, or in private training for 1-2 people is possible as well.

Тест курс

Touching the body, healing the soul

Thai massage for yourself, relatives and friends
Доверяя мудрости тела

Trust body wisdom

Advanced level

Each level of studying includes theory and practice. After a range of techniques are demonstrated, participants work with each other under instructor’s supervision. In this way each participant gets an experience as a massage therapist and receiver of massage.

This educational structure gives a therapeutical effect for every participant as well. Often after the workshop a person feels rested and full of energy, like after a good vacation. In addition to studying the technique of Thai massage, you will learn ways of energy tuning, which are very important for a massage giver, as they increase ability to feel your body (physical and energetic) and body of your client.

All participants of the workshop (of any level) receive a practical guide (illustrated) and certificate.