Back home to the Body

Workshop duration - 3 days

In this workshop we will explore how our body keeps repressed feelings, emotions and memories within. How the things we once kept, didn’t express, "swallowed", remain in our muscles and settle in the subconscious.


In this workshop we will use the most effective Pulsation techniques that will help us to see and feel how much energy in our lives we spend on holding these suppressions inside. Often unconsciously (or even consciously) we all live trying to fulfill a "self-image", which was imposed on us a long time ago in the process of upbringing, and that, in fact, does not in any way relate to our inner reality, our "real self».

This workshop not only will help to see all these limitations and suppressions, that we carry inside, but will also give us opportunity to get rid of them, throw off the «fetters» of the muscular armory, that will allow our energy and feelings flow freely again through our bodies, giving us back joy of live, sharpness of perception, freshness of feelings and emotions. Body relaxes, more space and calmness appear inside, less obsessive thoughts in the mind and more presence «here and now».