Osho Pulsation
Private sessions

Individual work, in contrast to explosive and powerful group work, is a more subtle process in understanding the functioning of protective armor; there happens a detailed elaboration of it’s deeper layers.

Session usually lasts for about 1,5 hours. We give some minutes to talk, when a client tells about his emotional state, and therapist guides his attention to notice a link between his inner psychological state and tensions in the body. Of course, other issues can be raised here as well, which are relevant for the client at this time, but the general purpose of this conversation is to prepare the person for the subsequent process, relating to experiencing, expression and letting go of deep feelings.

After that the therapist generally guides the person through a number of bioenergetic exercises, which aim to «awake» the body, charge all the organism system with energy, release superficial tensions and holdings in the body. After that the client lies down on a mattress and begins to deeply breathe through the mouth. During that time the therapist is around, sometimes touching the person’s body, helping to relax and at the same time to remain fully aware and maintain deep breathing. As a result of this breathing, the body accumulates an energy charge, and this energy, in an effort to pulsate freely and naturally, begins to affect muscular armor, getting in touch with suppressed feelings and emotions.

By different means - with words, touch, eye contact - the therapist supports the person to help him to let go of control and allow deep feelings to flow out freely. Often the therapist may offer to use body movements in order to make feelings stronger. For example, to hit the mattress with your fists, punch with your legs, if you release anger, stretch out your hands in a strong longing for love and support or fiercely turn your head from side to side shouting out «No», powerfully expressing this energy, maybe for the first time over the years.

It often happens, that some deep memories about events from the past, which could have been displaced into subconsciousness along with the load of unexperienced and unexpressed feelings, start to come up. It sometimes feels like a liberation from a burden, which you have been carrying for so long, that it already became habitual…

Probably, one of the most terrific sensations is a feeling of deepest relaxation, peace and liberation, which comes after such an intense and spontaneous discharge.

This description is a structure of an «ideal» session. In fact, obviously not every session proceeds exactly like that: sometimes there are periods of slow progress or even stagnation, sometimes there is an impressive breakthrough, at times there are sessions without any structure, just following a spontaneous energy flow.

But in any case it remains to be a fascinating journey, it is a way of self-discovery and healing, followed by two people together - a client and a therapist, where the latter very delicately gives hints and ways to move through, provides support and assistance.