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Gulnur. 2017, 5-days workshop

The sensations after the course are completely unrecognizable. This is a totally new state for me. I came with an intention to try some body work, for I know how to deal with emotional state. The results were beyond my expectations - emotional blocks left me, as well as blocks in my body.

After this course I finally started to really make actions. I began to delegated tasks and hired two more workers for my company. And I really can’t understand now why I ever stalled with it. Everything happened very organically, without any particular efforts. Although before there had been plenty of inner talk, that there were no people suitable for me, etc.

A state of stiffness in emotional expression passed away as well. I can now express them freely.

A state of inner freedom is native for me now.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers for such a wonderful journey, and to Svaraj for such a soft practice!

Julia. 2017, 5-days workshop

Dear Svaraj!

Once again I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshop! It was amazingly wonderful! I could go deep into the process, supported by the safe and soft atmosphere of the group, created by you. Of course, I also want to thank for the wonderful place, where the workshop took place. Nature, forest, Volga river, birds, flowers, fragrances… everything merged into one harmonious healing space!

I started to sense where exactly I have blocks in my body, started to feel… It is such a surprise for me, I became alive… I see the world with different eyes now.

It’s priceless when you move into practice and get a long-awaited relief.

But when in addition to it you connect to your center, feel, realize how it is to be in contact with yourself, there are no more words to describe your state, it is an unbelievable feeling.

To leave after the workshop being full, loving, just happy is indefinitely pleasant, incredibly precious!

For me it was a very powerful workshop, very healing and nourishing.

With all my heart I thank you for what you do! You do it with an incredible love!


Valentina. 2017, 5-days workshop

It was an absolutely unbelievable workshop… So many revelations and so many changes…
For me, being a loner by life and trade, 5 days of constant contact with People, who so quickly became close to me, is quite a feat)) I managed to see the roots of my alienation clearly… it all turned out to be very simple: I was growing surrounded by stranger people and I felt them as Strangers, evil and incomprehensible… During the course of that, my mind and body couldn’t find anything better than to build a protection and impenetrable cocoon… Which became so native for me as I grew up)). I always got tied of communication and didn’t really like when people got too close.., I was always banging on my private space and sensible solitude…
And here it just vanished, and probably for the first time in my life I felt a Real unity with People…

Revelations, realizations reached me everywhere… As if a space opened and you just catch, integrate it)))
Just 50 meters from the group room there was Volga with an unreal flow… And it was a Special gift for me, for I Grew up near this river… And it is forever in my heart and in my body… to go out after Dynamic and stand for some time in ice-cold streams of This water, and sometimes to struggle with the flow or surrender myself to the silent Power of Water - it’s a special mystery for me… And again I got a whole layer of confirmations, that I am not really a city person)), in my body I have powerful signatures of sand, that burns my feet, views of boundless free steppes and an abundance of bright fruits, smell of the soil and hot dry winds blowing out all that you don’t need…
When I am in nature, everything is clear and simple for me… Earth and plants bring me peace and I feel at Home, immediately I get alive and become totally silent inside, giving up more and more to my wildness and Nature…

There are other powerful experiences and revelations, appeared in the open in their simplicity and beauty, but which have been fooling me all my Life.

A wave of touching and healing sessions appeared again in the workshop…
Significant feedback about the quality of my touch and some nourishing cosmic aftertaste inspired me to continue working in This direction…
And still, a silent touch, with all the depth of acceptance and compassion, which I have, this Is My Prayer…

Enormous gratitude to Svaraj for unearthly sensitivity, delicacy and just fantastic space, in which transformation happens Easily and Powerfully at the same time…

This work with body through Breathing and Tantric pulsation is just unimaginable… All that’s left is to sing a song of Freedom…

Elena. 2016, 3-days workshop

This was a very unusual and mysterious weekend.

I revealed new feelings and emotions in me, about which I didn’t even know that they existed.

It’s like you stand on a breakwater in sea and want to dive. Scary.
You make an effort and dive as deep as you can.

It’s hard to swim and breath. And then on the surface when you have come up you inhale deeply and breathe, breathe and can’t get enough.

I allowed myself to tell things I had never spoke about and kept very deep inside. And I felt better.

Thank you!

Faina. 2016, 3-days workshop

I am very grateful to Valery for the workshop «Liberation of the armored heart». During these three days I got rid of many reasons, which had been causing pain in my chest, back, heart. Life became much more light and bright for me. I met a lot of remarkable people in this training. Each of them reflected me in some way. Experiences of participants touched my heart and I realized, that there is something inside of me that is alike, I had faced before or noticed the same sensations in me now. For me these three days were a huge work on myself. I had participated in only one training with Valery before, and this training helped me a lot. It was more deep and conscious for me. I am also very grateful to assistants, who helped us during the training. With some of them I was lucky to work, with some - to dine, and with others just to participate in the group and receive their help during exercises. Thank you very much. I feel alive, light and free. And I like it a lot:)

Thank you


Nina. 2016, 3-days workshop

Valery! I want to thank you and Your team for your work, your attention, helping people.For it’s so important in our modern world, world of cars, computers, where we all become more and more like robots. We forget that we are alive in our everyday fuss, unflinching line of cases, where we constantly lack something. We seek material well-being, authoritative contacts and forget what is important for real. And these are feelings, emotions. I was afraid of pain, feared to express my power, to show my negative features, and here I faced everything I was afraid of. And it’s very interesting to experience them, feel them. I realized that there is actually nothing to be afraid of, you should let them through, if you don’t feel pain you may never feel joy, love. I think they are different sides of the same coin. I should move towards my fear, go into it, through it. Thank you!

Svetlana. 2016, 3-dais workshop

Valery, it was a magical journey inside - subtle, sensual, full of revelations. You guided us so attentively and sensitively, not imposing your patterns on us, but just following soul movements.

Opening а the heart happened. I feel warmth and sun in my soul! And I want to live, create, love and do it all together with the whole world!
You gave wings, although it was hard in the beginning.

Thanks for this support in diving inside of me, for all the joyful and unexpected moments of revelations, which I was so lucky to experience during this short and very long training.

I don’t want to part with the guys and that atmosphere of love and acceptance, that you managed to create for us.

It was great! Thank you!

Julia. 2016, 3-days workshop

I got to this workshop because my friend recommended it to me, and I am very grateful to her for that. It was my first experience of Pulsation and it gave me a lot, that I can not describe with words… I am just full of emotions, positive emotions…

I am filled with love, energy and gratitude… Gratitude to everybody who was in this group, to Svaraj.

I am grateful to my destiny, that my path to myself began with meeting Svaraj, with this group for liberation of my heart.

Thanks to Svaraj’s sensitive guidance, his colleges, I managed to realize a lot for myself, to reveal very intimate things, to open my heart.

For sure will I continue going to other workshops, for I already got much more than I had expected. And the very way, the process is very interesting by itself…

With love and much gratitude,

Larisa. 2015, 3-days workshop.

I can’t really call it a training, or to call Svaraj a trainer!!!)) For me it was a reliving of one more part of my life anew! It is a mini-WORLD, where you meet new people and interact with them, some of them become native and close, some unexpectedly open up for you, for some you feel a pull, somebody you want to be far from. Everything is like in real life… Truly and open!!! I could talk a lot about this event, but there are no words that could express all the spectrum of feelings and emotions… One should be it, go through it to realize and feel and experience!!! After this meeting my grey weekdays and the things that had seemed to be usual and habitual got a fresh coat of paint!!! Lightness in the body, peace of mind, joy and freedom in the heart, smile on my face and great GRATITUDE to all the participants, organizers and to Svaraj, of course!!! His mild and warm energy helped me to open myself fully and to trust the process of LIBERATION!!

Nataly. 2015, 3-days workshop

It’s actually difficult to express all my feelings after the workshop. It was strong. It was true. It was very deep. My gratitude to Svaraj for his professionalism. No one spare action. And every action was from the heart. Gestalt, dance, psychodrama, breathing - all of it harmoniously worked for the group requests. Thanks to the group for safe and sincere space. And thanks to organizers that this very training appeared in our city. Thanks for the possibility to meet my real self.

Ekaterina. 2015, 3-days workshop.

Every minute of these days was filled with depth, strong impressions, surprising events of knowing myself… my heart… my body… This work helped me to feel my heart, how it beats, how much it wants to live… and what is the most important - that it exists… This work helped me to feel my body more totally… and these are terrific sensations, my body wants to DANCE, I feel it for the first time in my life… This work helped me to get in touch with my inner child, to give him attention and care at last… This work helped me to face some things I had been hiding, concealing and suppressing for so long in my soul - aggression… the thing I had been caring for so long, and I could also get in touch with the pain I had always been running away from… I realize, that I still have a long way to go, and I am ready to go… This work is a priceless experience, there is nothing to compare it with, and I am glad that I participated in this beautiful workshop for working with my heart!!! Thanks to all the participants! You created a magical space! With great gratitude to all

Nadezda. 2013, 3-days workshop

Valera, thank you again for this workshop… Again everything was cool. Became more clear. Concerning what is happening in me, what was happening before, how it works. In general, so many revelations about how it all lives in the body, and how it is read, if I know at least the alphabet.

For me personally… very straight to the point, into the depth and with no violence, softly and deeply!!! and feelings and experiences are completely different. Even pain is different, not destructive, and chaos - everything is more clear, brighter and everything gets it’s name… that’s unusual! And what I never had before, I feel SECONDARY PROFIT from my illness!!! I am still without my voice, people have to be more careful with me. A NEW EXPERIENCE!

Elena. 2010, private session

You come here and your Mind becomes quiet, and your Body starts to speak… speak it’s own language… about the truth which does not need proofs, arguments, fights; the truth, which is not written in books… It is It, because it is It.

There is only one step left to make - to hear It… And then you open your eyes and see the Person, who has always been right there with you… tenderness and some inexpressible feeling of recognition, acceptance of This You!!! You go out and feel your feet… ground, feel all this space around you, how you can move through it, move about… and what a pleasure it is))

Time goes by and again you are pulled there, to touch, feel again, for somewhere inside you know, that It is what Is. And having felt it just once, you will loose you peace…

Nina. 2010, private session

Valera! What is happening in your individual sessions is a possibility to get rid of all that is HEAVY, NOT NEEDED, UNBEARABLE, to throw it all off knowing that your «savings» will not be judged, or even evaluated. A possibility to get MY new body as a gift!

What was happening with me personally - for many years I had been carrying this « precious load» of unexpressed emotions, aggression, fear, suffering, which poisoned my life and lives of my close people. I managed to get rid of a big part of this stuff, as I sense it. There is always an atmosphere of amazing ACCEPTANCE and focused wise ATTENTION in your sessions! This is what gives a possibility to go deep inside myself, for it is so difficult… But you «dive out» in a completely different world, much more lovable and suitable for life! Thank you!





「這兩天的工作坊讓我看到原來除了覺知到自己的身體和情緒之外,”to express”是非常重要的,才可以讓能量流動起來。這對於我來說是一個新的看見,讓我也更知道也怎麼剝開inner armor,還有學到了怎麼深呼吸的方法,回家我會好好練習,應該會有更不同的感受,最後的靜心,也讓我學習到,原來我們的心像是大地一樣,可以把髒污變成養分去愛人愛世界,很特殊的觀點,我也要多練習!」





參加這次脈動呼吸工作坊,並不預期它會帶給我什麼收穫或轉化,就是跟隨著引導老師Svaraj 的帶領,以及同學們相互支持和鼓勵的陪伴下,認真完成每個動作,當恐懼,憤怒,害怕,痛苦充斥在整個空間,而我卻可以用包容的心去看待來自每個人的生命經歷,有種強烈的參與感參差著喜悅和幸福。