Freeing the armored heart

Workshop duration - 5 days

The structure of this group aims at realization and relaxation of the muscular armor in the chest, back, shoulders and arms. Tensions in these areas of the body hold back feelings and emotions related to the heart's ability to live and show its qualities, such as love, trust, openness, compassion, ability to share energy and feelings.

Perhaps sometime in our life these qualities were wounded (not taken, condemned, not supported), and then in order to protect the heart, we were forced to shut down, create an armor, protection, in the form of physical tension, as well as in the form of beliefs: "I can manage myself", "it’s dangerous to trust", "someday I will find Him (or Her), and will open my heart", etc.

Passing through the experience of Pulsation work, people soon begin to realize that there is no way to free the heart of its defenses without re-experiencing the pain of loss, hurt and unmet longing.

This is the price of returning to love and is well worth paying, for without a feeling pulsating heart center we cannot really call ourselves humans.

In this workshop we will use exercises for emotional release, Osho meditations, work with forgiveness and other techniques which allow us to free the heart center to reclaim the ability to love oneself and others.

«When the negative emotions have been expressed, positive feelings are able to flow: anger gives way to love, fear dissolves into trust, pain transforms into joy... the heart center starts to pulsate more naturally as its energy expands.

The expansion of the heart is a marvelous thing to see, especially in the wake of deep emotional release, because the outward expression of its energy is like a fountain of love, while the inward expression is an open doorway of trust, and the overall sensation is one of joy and pleasure.

At such moments, a profound insight – almost a revelation -- is possible into the basic cause of difficulty we experience in love affairs and relationships. The cause is that we look for love in the wrong place. We look for it in others.

Osho Pulsation work has the potential to give people a glimpse of love where it can always be found. When the heart is pulsating naturally, a complete change in gestalt is possible as the realization dawns: “Love is inside me. It has nothing to do with anybody else. It is my own state of being.”»

Aneesha Dillon