If you want to know in detail who is Osho, his biography and humanitarian, scientific and spiritual contribution in development of humanity, you can find a lot of literature on the subject. Though I recommend to use the original source ( and better search for his books published before 2000, as the original narration is kept there. More resent editions are often a compilation of different pieces on a certain issue). And here I’m offering to your attention just some outlines, based on my personal perception of this phenomenon.

I remember very well street book markets of the 90’s - a bearded face on many books, strictly looking at me from the shelfs. Osho or Shri Rajneesh - was written in big letters. «Yet another strange Guru» - I thought passing by, looking for what I valued at that time - books of masters of humanistic approach in psychology and psychotherapy - Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Rollo May, Karen Horney…

He was approaching me very quietly, delicately. I read a couple of his books in the beginning of 2000’s - and liked his rebelliousness, his fresh look at familiar things revealing seemingly obvious and ugly truth of our social system. He frankly spoke about manipulative, violent and egoistic nature of marriage, «so called love», religion, politics, education of children. He gave clarity and precise definitions to what I felt subconsciously, but being the product of this society could not admit in the open. His books inspired me, but made me upset at the same time. Inspired because they confirmed the Truth I felt inside, and made me upset because I couldn’t see a way out - it all was perceived as some philosophy out of touch with life, with reality. For the reality is here, in the society. I live here, I want to realize myself in the society, not to withdraw to a Himalayan cave. The only thing that bothered me was a deep feeling of dissatisfaction, contradiction between my inner truth and the beliefs in my mind of «how everything should be». And Osho was saying: - yes, your feeling is true! Your (and not only your but all the society) beliefs of «how it all should be» - success, family, love - are based on a false foundation. These beliefs were given to you by the society and they don’t consider your individuality, your unique nature. On the contrary, the very purpose of society is to cut you from your individuality, your essence and to create «personality» - a set of acquired qualities and traits of character which would perfectly match society’s needs. Society needs «obedient citizens» and good workers and never needs individualities, as a human being who is in contact with himself and lives out of his inner truth, will never be obedient and manageable - he is dangerous for society. Society needs people who are cut off from their roots, miserable people. If you want to break free, - Osho says, - you must be a rebel, a revolutionary. But what it takes is inner revolution, not a confrontation with society or social system. You need a cardinal change in the direction of your energy, your search. A way to yourself, your truth and your freedom - is the way towards the within. And there is a centuries-tested way for it - Meditation.

Actually it was rarely that I read his books. I admired the way and clarity of his thoughts, but I could not just sit and meditate - for who is gonna do all my work?

At the same time I was already working with people as a body-oriented psychologist and led groups on personal growth, and at some point I felt that I need a new dimension, new depth in my work. I should say that as a professional, as well as in my personal growth (and in my profession these two realms of life not just go hand-in-hand, but almost overlap) I never stopped developing ( and I still go on ), I never told myself - that’s it! Enough! It’s a never-ending process of growth, expansion, deepening and I must notice it’s a very fascinating and inspiring process.

It was then that I saw in the internet an advertising about Osho Pulsation group, led by Aneesha Dillon for the first time in Russia. The description of the group resonated for me at once - that’s what I need! Here I described my impressions of the event, how Pulsations entered my life, and wrote about Aneesha, who became not only my teacher, but my soul mate.

At that period of time two important events happened, which opened Osho’s world for me. First, thanks to work with Pulsation and also with other kinds of Osho therapy (yes, there is a trend like this!) I realized that Osho’s approach to work with people is not a philosophy, this approach is as practical as can be! His idea which he was deliberately implementing is finding ways that would help an individual to fully discover his potential. Moreover he always underlined the integrity of human being. There is no need to choose only one part for growth - spiritual realm or creativity or social realization, including finance. There is no need to retreat to a cave to meditate; no need to reject worldly pleasures to grow spiritually. Osho called this holistic man a New Man, thus emphasizing the new paradigm of human being’s development, development in integrity, accepting all aspects of his nature, his individuality, not crossing out anything. And it’s only under such conditions that all inner conflicts and contradictions disappear, separation vanishes, only than individuality of a human being fully blooms, only than there are no more obstacles for a total realization of one’s potential. And in my view this Osho's vision of a human being is the ultimate value of all the humanistic trend in Western philosophy, science, medicine and psychology.

But, as I already mentioned, this is not a philosophy. Osho commune, which functioned for 15 years while he was alive and has still been functioning for 25 years after he passed, was an experimental laboratory of making this New Man. A lot of leading talents from the Western world of psychotherapy, psychology and different trends in researching of human potential’s development were engaged, as well as ancient centuries-proved Eastern methods of meditation, yoga, tantra, Zen and martial arts. People worked with a tremendous enthusiasm and commitment in this creative «pot». Tens of thousands people meditated moving towards the center of their being, moved through catharsis to throw away the burden of suppressed negative emotions, danced and celebrated, reaching for the heights of ecstasy and pleasure. Hundreds and thousands of talents in music, art, psychotherapy were born and flourished in that pot… Energy was reaching amazing peaks. Of course, it was largely due to Osho’s presence, his enthusiasm, his energy, his belief in potential of humankind. But the most important is that people learned to find this power and this vital creative energy in their own depth. Osho always insisted on everyone's responsibility for his own life, the flip side of which is personal freedom. Love and Freedom - these are the cornerstones of movement towards revealing yourself, realizing yourself. And Awareness is a way to grow in Love and Freedom. Awareness as clear vision of your nature, your individuality and those things which don’t belong to it, which were brought in by society - «conditioned personality».

Many talented and highly professional Osho-therapists work now all over the world, helping people to get healed psychologically, to grow realizing their potential, generously sharing their experience and knowledge. As I mentioned above, there is a separate method - Osho therapy. It’s not actually a method, it’s more like a certain approach in therapy. Osho-therapists can use many well-known psychotherapeutic methods, such as Gestalt therapy, Family constellation, Primal therapy, Neo-Reichian therapy, NLP, Ericsson hypnosis, etc.

The difference in the approach of these therapists is that they carry a huge experience in meditation, awareness and moving toward integrity inside themselves. These people work not only out of their knowledge but also out of the ability to be present «here and now», be in touch with their center and heart; and contact with a client from this space. In this case the healing potential of therapy increases countlessly. That’s why I am sure, also out of my own experience, that Osho-therapists are ones of the best in the world. It seems to me that these people are the ultimate blossom in humanistic psychotherapy. The one that was born in 50-60’s of the last century and which was popularized by my beloved Maslow, Rogers and others.

The second event is much more personal and intimate to me. It’s hard to speak about it in public, but I feel it’s immense influence on me, on the purpose of all that I do in my life, on my personal search more and more. It happened about 10 years ago, after a month or two after I had met Aneesha. It was a dream. And I should say, I didn’t attach any importance to it at that moment, I was just surprised. In that dream I saw Osho. And at that time I wasn’t so much interested in him ( except reading a couple of books ) and all my development was to do with Western approach in therapy. It was India (though at that moment I had never been there), I was among several people and something very unusual connected us - not a friendship, but a quality of deep participation in something True. Some meters from us there was Osho, he was silently saying good-bye. There was a railway station afar and we knew he was going to leave. He was just standing facing us with a slight smile, looking silently. At some point his eyes met mine and immediately I felt tears running down my cheeks. It was not sadness or grief because of his departure. But something was moving in my chest, just tears. He was looking slightly smiling for some more time, then turned his back and moved towards the station, and we remained standing, watching him walking away. After several steps again he stopped and turned around. Our eyes met again. And everything repeated. Tears were running and there was this inexplicable feeling in the chest - as if something wanted to break out. Then we saw a train going away making a beautiful curve between green hills… I woke up and was surprised to see that my pillow was wet.

As I understand now, this dream affected me much more than I could admit at that time. I even told it to my therapist with a little irony about it - like "can you imagine what a dream can be!” And his reaction surprised me (he was Osho-therapist, my close friend now ) - «why did he take it so seriously?» Later he explained to me, that as soon as I started telling that dream, he could clearly feel Osho energy in the room, and he could easily recognize it with his experience in meditation and being in the world of Osho.

I’d like to say here that when we say «Osho energy» or «Osho presence» we never mean this man personally. The very word Osho is not a name, but the expression of that quality of being in touch with one’s center, the essence energy, which we all have inside, it’s the energy of all Life, all Universe. Osho used this name only during the last years of his life. With this he tried to show that there is no need to get attached to him personally, one should continue the inward journey to the center, to his own Osho energy. And as he himself was constantly in touch with his center and in fact was not «a person», his presence was a pure manifestation of this energy.

It was not at once but after 2-3 years when I began to understand that this dream was Osho’s Call, - as a hero of one criminal saga says - an invitation that you can’t reject. I noticed that my perception of Osho’s books got completely transformed since than - as if I could hear and feel him when I read…

For me the phenomenon of Osho is split in two manifestations - the outer, on which I can hold long and exciting talks. About all the great things he did for humanity, for integration of Western and Eastern wisdom. I am sure that his contribution to development of humankind is not yet fully appreciated and that the seeds planted by him here on Earth will yet blossom and bear fruits for the benefit of us all.

And the inner - about which I rarely talk, because it’s difficult to find words, it’s hard to express that what is ripening inside and feels very intimate. But it fills my life with depth and sense, gives it a dimension of mystery, creates joy and gratitude for a chance to participate in it. Gives an inexpressible feeling that I am something bigger then I think; and this passion - to move inside and expand out.

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